How we do it

Design, manufacture, install

Because everything we create is bespoke, we can guarantee you a play space that’s the perfect fit for your family and your home. The first step of your project is a consultation with us, so we can ensure that from day one we’re working to your style, requirement and budget.

Wondering how much it might cost? You can tell us the size of your space and what you’d like within it and we can provide you with an estimate. Alternatively, you can tell us your budget and we’ll give you an idea of what we can do for you.

You can read more about our process below, or take the first step now by contacting us.

Your ideas

It doesn’t matter how big or small the idea may be - you may not even have one! Your style and your space will drive the design process. We can either take direction from you and your family, or create a concept for you from scratch. Together we will bring an amazing idea to life. The design we will develop together will be unlike anything else we’ve done before, because every Tigerplay at Home creation is as unique as the child it’s designed for and the space it’s designed within. We understand how to develop an idea into a living, working design that works with the aesthetic of your home.

Our design

Tigerplay at Home brings a wealth of expertise and imagination to the design table. Our creative team thrives on a pioneering approach towards new ideas and ground breaking play concepts. Always looking to push the limits of what’s possible, we offer designs that are distinctive, contemporary and inspiring. Our understanding of the materials and manufacturing techniques available for play spaces ensures we will make the right choices to balance comfort, safety and durability and the materials will be specifically sourced with your design in mind. Our work process ensures that you recieve a bespoke design with lasting appeal, that maximises the benefits of play at home, whilst reflecting the lifestyle and personality of your family.

Brought to life!

Ultimately the most exciting part of any project is making the design come to life. Our specialist team’s attention to detail and rigorous quality assurance processes ensure a smooth and safe installation.  With an aftercare package tailored to suit your individual needs, our play spaces are built to last and will be remembered for a lifetime. Do you have a room you'd like to transform into a play space? Contact us today to get started.

Examples of our previous work

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