We have exciting news to share today – Tigerplay at Home has a brand new look!

Since our launch in 2015 we’ve grown, widening our client base and expanding the realms of what’s possible in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke playrooms (visit our portfolio to see for yourself). We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we believe that we’re offering something truly unique in the market of children’s interior design. So with this in mind, it seemed only right to develop our branding too.

The colour palette pays homage to our Tigerplay roots, but the roof in the new design rightly places Tigerplay at Home in its residential context.

As well as a new logo, we have this brand new website that’s full of exciting features and beautifully showcases our latest work. One of our favourite features on the new website is on our Sensory page, where you can toggle in and out of ‘Sensory Mode’ and get a glimpse of some of the accessories we install in our sensory and calm rooms.

You’ll also notice that our portfolio is full of our latest photographs and conceptual designs – take a look through and let us know what you think.

We have some exciting projects in the pipeline that we look forward to sharing with you right here in our blog, so stay tuned…!

Tigerplay at Home logo 2018

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