This playroom is both stylish and practical, offering space for play and storage. A pearl-coloured slide, hessian rope bridge, log climbers and a suspended net feature. We created a bespoke whiteboard TV housing unit so children can get creative while they watch their favourite films! This room contains a nice mix of soft furnishings and hardwood materials, with a soft purple edging on corners and entrance panels.

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Liverpool Playroom - Tigerplay at Home

There are a variety of ways to climb, crawl and slide in and out of the play structure.

Liverpool Family Playroom - Tigerplay at Home

Pebble pillows and soft play  shapes are great for den-building and cosy seating.

Liverpool Family Playroom - Tigerplay at Home

The TV housing is covered in a whiteboard vinyl wrap so the children can customise their playroom!  The birch tree wallpaper is in-keeping with the timber detail, whilst the vinyl material is durable and hardy – ideal for playrooms.

The use of perspex lets more light into the play structure and makes it easier to see the children as they play. The low profile cabinetry is perfect for packing toys and games away.

Liverpool Family Playroom - Tigerplay at Home

By making the most of the ceiling height, we’ve kept ample floorspace in this narrow room.

A silk white rope and wooden step bridge that children will love exploring.

There are multiple levels of play to encourage exploration, creativity, motor planning and gross motor abilities.

Liverpool Family Playroom - Tigerplay at Home

The colour pallet is a captivating mix of dark and light, the dark wood stain and purple complimented by the light greys and white.

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