This playroom is jam-packed with play features for the children to enjoy. This basement transformation features soft stepping stones, slide, ball pool, a ball mover, climbing wall, a dual level softplay structure and bespoke decor to enhance the woodland theme. This space is guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained for hours and there’s plenty of room for friends to come around and enjoy the fun too!

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home playroom softplay ball pool pit climbing wall

Climb the wall or the steps to enter the blue ball pool

softplay woodland playroom home tigerplay

View from inside the softplay structure

woodland playroom home softplay slide ball pit pool

A waterfall slide into the ball pit

ball mover playroom softplay home playroom

The ball mover whooshes balls back to the ball pool at the press of the button. Children love racing the ball back to the ball pit!

tigerplay home woodland playroom softplay basement home

Soft stepping stones over soft artificial turf lead the way to the play

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