Welcome to tiger play

Welcome to tigerplay@home, an exciting new concept in children's interior design, bringing the fun and excitement of the soft play world into your home. Home is where your child's adventures begin and where play and learning are at their most beneficial.

tigerplay@home was established with a simple mission; to bring our expertise in designing bespoke soft play and hard play environments that endure, challenge, educate and stimulate into your home.

The lifestyle of the modern family is a busy one and spending quality time with your family is precious. So whether it's creating a quality soft play space for your little ones, a chill out zone for your big ones, a garden  adventure or a sensory room to escape to, let us design a dedicated space exclusively for the use of your family and friends, in the comfort of your home.

Our indoor soft play designs are innovative and give a twist on the idea of the traditional playroom, combining high spec designs with luxury, modern fabrics.

Our quirky outdoor wooden play structures are distinctive and ooze character, inspiring young and old for the ultimate outdoor experience.

“It all begins with an idea. It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea may be. It’s the starting point that will drive the design process. We will work closely with you, take direction from you and we will inspire each other to bring an amazing idea to life”